August 1, 2022 | Press Release

California Indian Tribes Condemn New Ad by Out-of-State Gambling Corporations

California Indian Tribes Condemn New Ad by Out-of-State Gambling Corporations

Ad Attacking Native Americans is “Shameful, Despicable”

For Immediate Release: August 1, 2022
Contact: Kathy Fairbanks, (916) 813-1010

Sacramento, CA – A coalition consisting of more than 50 California Indian Tribes today condemned a despicable new ad from the out-of-state online gambling corporations pushing Prop 27. The ad directly attacks California Tribal leaders. Prop 27, sponsored and entirely funded by the out-of-state online gambling corporations, would authorize the largest expansion of online gambling in the history of the country, hurting Native American Tribes and leaving a pittance for California.

“Shameful, despicable,” said James Siva, Chairman of the California Nations Indian Gaming Association, representing 42 Indian tribes. “The out-of-state corporations and their Wall Street investors funding Prop 27 have deceptively tried to convince voters that their measure will help tribes. The truth is now out. More than 50 tribes – including gaming and non-gaming tribes – overwhelmingly oppose Prop 27 because it jeopardizes vital funding tribes use to support education, health care, cultural preservation, and public safety for our communities.”

“The out-of-state corporations behind this ad should immediately pull it off the air and apologize to the tribal leaders” said Lynn Valbuena, Chairwoman of the Tribal Alliance of Sovereign Indian Nations. “These profit driven Wall-Street corporations have stooped to a new low by minimizing the progress California tribal nations have made through tribal government gaming.” Valbuena further added, “The vast majority of tribes are standing together to oppose Prop 27 because it’s deceptive and bad for tribes and California.”

“Indian gaming has been a true game changer for all Indian people, helping lift tribes out of poverty, including those tribes with limited or no gaming,” continued Siva. “In fact, thanks to tribal gaming, tribes have given more than $1.6 billion to non-gaming and limited gaming tribes. Prop 27 undermines tribal sovereignty, tribal gaming, and tribal self-sufficiency, hurting all California tribes.”

“It’s shameful to attack tribes that have a proven track record of sharing hundreds of millions with limited and non-gaming tribes like mine,” said Glenn Lodge, Chairman of the Chemehuevi Indian Tribe. “These out-of-state corporations should stop the divisive and misleading attacks.”


Out-of-state, online gambling corporations like DraftKings, BetMGM and FanDuel are behind Prop 27 – a deceptive November 2022 ballot measure that would legalize online and mobile sports gambling in California – turning virtually every cell phone, laptop and tablet into a gambling device.

Prop 27 is opposed by a broad coalition of over 50 California Indian tribes, educators, civil rights and public safety leaders, and advocates for the homeless.