August 3, 2022 | Press Release

New Poll Shows High Awareness of Prop 27, but Low Voter Support

New Poll Shows High Awareness of Prop 27, but Low Voter Support

For Immediate Release: August 3, 2022
Contact: Kathy Fairbanks, (916) 813-1010

Sacramento, CA – The Yes on 26/No on 27 campaign today released new polling showing that despite being barraged with ads from the Yes on 27 campaign, a strong majority of voters are opposed to Prop 27 on the November ballot.

“I’d be worried if I were the Yes on 27 campaign or the out-of-state corporate funders,” said Kathy Fairbanks, spokesperson, Yes on 26/No on 27.

The poll, which tested voter awareness and voter support for Prop 27, found that three in four (76%) voters have recently seen, read or heard information about Proposition 27, including more than one-quarter (27%) who recall “a lot” of information. While it is unusual for voters to report such a high level of awareness about a statewide ballot measure several months before election day, this finding reflects the fact that the No and Yes campaigns have been airing television and online ads for weeks.

Among the three-quarters of the electorate who recall information about Proposition 27, twice as many oppose the measure as support it. In an “unaided vote” in which respondents who report awareness of the measure were asked how they would vote on Proposition 27 (without being read the official wording), six in ten (61%) say they would vote No and fewer than three in ten say they would vote Yes (27%). Additionally, No voters express a much higher degree of certainty as nearly half (49%) say they will “definitely vote No” on Proposition 27 while 13% say they will “definitely vote Yes.”

Voters solidly reject Proposition 27 based on the official ballot label that was recently released by the Secretary of State’s office last week. This is the wording that will appear on every voter’s November ballot. A 58% majority opposes Proposition 27 after being presented with the ballot label, including 45% who say they would “definitely” vote against it.  In comparison, just one in three (33%) say they will vote Yes, with just 16% “definitely” in favor.  Also, majorities of Democrats, Republicans and nonpartisans oppose Proposition 27, and by significant margins.

In sum, these survey resultsfind most California voters to be aware of Prop 27 – an unusually high level of recognition for this stage of the campaign, but not surprising given the amount of advertising for and against the measure.   Despite weeks of intensive statewide advertising by the Yes on 27 campaign, three in five voters express opposition both before and after hearing the language of the ballot label and only a third vote in favor based on the official ballot label wording.


Out-of-state, online gambling corporations like DraftKings, BetMGM and FanDuel are behind Prop 27 – a deceptive November 2022 ballot measure that would legalize online and mobile sports gambling in California – turning virtually every cell phone, laptop and tablet into a gambling device.

Prop 27 is opposed by a broad coalition of over 50 California Indian tribes, educators, civil rights and public safety leaders, and advocates for the homeless.